Monday, March 25, 2013

To Those Who Delete Me. :)

  Okay, right off the bat, you guys are self absorbed brats. You shouldn't delete me because I'm Non-VIP. That's called being snobbish, and you know... a FIRE TRUCKING SELFISH... never mind. v_v I have a little speech for you. ;)
     People who deleted me... what was wrong with your mind? People can be VIP for just a short time. So you delete them in the end. Your minds are filled with this: "OMG! This gurl just ran out of her VIPness... I'mma delete her because she's worth rubbish -B." Yes. That's really the impression you give me. And it makes me SICK. The more you delete me, the stronger I get in having a better reason to never forgive you. So enjoy your FIRE TRUCKING SELF ABSORBED LIFE WITH NO ONE BUT A MIRROR YOU NARCISSUS. Goodbye. :)
Koala Queen Out!

God You Guys Are So Rude Sometimes >.<

   Seriously guys! I know my VIP ended, but why do you have to delete me like I'm yesterday's piece of trash? VIP is NOT the key to friendship. It's called being 
  • Snobbish
  • Rude
  • Stuck Up
   I hate when you guys delete me. ._. All those who delete me are just self absorbed brats who just think "Oh. If you're Non-VIP you're a worthless piece of crud." That's what I think of those who delete you when your VIP runs out :D
Koala Queen Out!

Sunday, March 24, 2013

VIP is Over Now C;

   I'm soooooo glad my VIP ended just now. -10 drama, and +10 normal MSP life! :D I'd hate to admit it, but VIP got tiring with everyone stereo-typing me as snobbish and thinking I'm made of diamonds. >_< Well, I will miss the perfect outfits. XD Well, I hope no one deletes me. Well, let's see how life treats me now. ;)
Koala Queen Out! C;

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Best Forumer? :D

  You know how some people on polls/forums like to make these "Best Forumer" things? It's all OPINIONS and there really is NO best forumer. You may THINK someone could be a really good forumer, but that doesn't make them the best one. I've noticed on polls there are some of them... but it's not fair because I see a TON of my friends being really good forumers! But they got no forum cred! :3 And nor do I...
   In your OWN opinion who do you think is the best forumer? I think me... o_o But you know! That's my opinion. So what's yours? ;D
We Want To Hear From You! Who's the best forumer in YOUR opinion? VOTE NOW! :D
Koala Queen Out!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Remember Me?

  Remember when I was on high-scores? That's right, I was on the FIRST page of high-scores in January. I had a future in Canada... until everyone came and knocked me down. ;~; Nowadays, no one gives a piece of dirt about me... I might as well choke on dirt while we're on the subject. It seems like my "friend" gets all the love... NONE of you remember ME though. I was famous, I had supporters. Now I have trash. Why does it seem as if you guys are making me feel bad... just for my tears. ;_;
Koala Queen Out.. ;~;

Polls? :O

   Yes, MovieStarPlanet just added polls to the forums section. I found it today when I was just surfing around. :D But that's not all; now you can MAKE polls! Cool right? o_o Many users have been fooling around with them... one of them is me. ;D I love rigging them. 0.0 In these polls, you just create a poll question, and a few options for the other users. :) Some of the most common ones are ones like:
  1. Do You Like Me? (I rig mine.)
  2. Who's your favorite singer(s)?
  3. Do you like One Direction/ Who's your favorite one in One Direction?
  4. Who's your favorite MSP movie star? :)
  5. BEST FORUMER! (Which I'm ALWAYS forgotten ;~;
 Enjoy your new polls! Be as creative as you want! ;)
Koala Queen Out!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Greetings and VIPs

   So you know how when you buy VIP you can get "diamonds" right? Well, with those DIAMONDS you can get things like clothes, animations, fame booster, etc. But the BIG hype is GREETINGS. My best friend and I both know about the rants some VIPs make when Non-VIPs ask for greetings. Well, greetings will give you 500sc (Wow!) and 2000 Fame (EVEN MORE WOW!)!  See the big hype? You get a TON of fame and star coins. Now, the only thing is, this "Greeting War" between VIPs and Non-VIPs is getting out of hand. There are forums about it saying things like:
  4. VIPs ARE BRATS etc. 
  We don't want a war! In Canada, I have a VIP account and I constantly get asked for greetings. o_O People don't realize I'm NOT made of diamonds!!! They run out. It's on all Movie-Star-Planets. But I'm NOT saying I'm siding with the VIPs that it's annoying. (Even though *sometimes* it is.) All I want is this war to STOP. I want to see 0 forums about Non VIPs asking for greetings, and 0 forums about VIPs being stuck up. OKAY!? 
Koala Queen Out!